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Chinese Glutinous Rice Balls-Tang Yuan

2018/2/7 7:34:49
Chinese Glutinous Rice Balls-Tang Yuan
Chinese Glutinous Rice Balls, also known as sticky rice balls or TangYuan Lantern in Chinese, are these Chinese style soft and chewy boiled rice balls stuffed with all kinds of sweet and savor filling. Growing up eating these sticky rice balls all the time, they are my ultimate comfort food when I need to be reminded of my childhood.
Tang Yuan is traditionally served during festivals such as winter solstice and on the last day Chinese New Year celebrated as Lantern Festival Lantern Festival .Why? Because the round shape these rice balls symbolizes togetherness and happiness and it's customary to share good wishes with your family and friends on the last day of CNY celebration.
Tang Yuan comes in many regional variations and many different flavors ranging from sweet red bean paste filling to savory pork meat filling. My personal favorite is with black sesame filling. While this dish is a must during Lantern Festival.
Tang yuan is normally served hot and this is how you should eat it: Pick up one soft and juicy tang yuan using a spoon. Take a tiny bite on the doughy skin. and watch the sesame filling flowing out like a molen lava cake as the steam escapes from the inside at the same time. For the inexperienced, use the tip of your tongue to carefully test out the filling to make sure it won’t burn you alive.
Once it’s cool enough, go ahead and take a BIG bite or two to finish the whole thing. Let the creamy juicy sesame fillings explode in your mouth as you chow down the chewy dough. Don’t stop here, reach out for the next one before I take it from you….

 Black sesame Tang Yuan

Savory pork meat Tang Yuan

I like to eat the dumpling, bean paste, eat sweet sticky tastes good. people eat them to denote union, harmony and happiness for the family.
2019/7/27 16:37:27
I love it and it is so delicious!
2018/3/19 15:29:26