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How to make full use our long winter holiday

2018/2/10 16:54:09
How to make full use our long winter holiday
After finishing our final examinations, most of us start our long winter holiday. However, some students are addicted to chatting with others or playing electronic games. As a result, they waste their time and have no harvest. In my point of view, I think the long winter holiday is a wonderful time for us to learn more things which can help us to prompt ourselves. Instead of being lazy, I strongly advise you to find out the things that you are reallyinterested in. For example, you can choose to learn a second foreign language. What's more, you can live your life by design, but you must acknowledge your power in that, plan for it, and take the necessary actions. I think this step is the most important thing to do to achieve your goal, because spend time on planning will save you lots of time on execution. The next thing you need to do is that you should force yourself to stick to what you want to learn. Once you have a specific goal, never give up. In this way, you will make a great progress in your long winter holiday. 

You should make full use of all tools that are good for your study.

You can make a list of what you need to do and follow the plan.

Stick to your plan, and never give up.