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Chinese giant baby and Chinese good people

2018/3/6 14:33:44
Chinese giant baby and Chinese good people
In recent years, with the development of China's integrate economy strength, more and more Chinese go abroad. Unknowingly, a new word is born. It is "China giant baby". Their behavior patterns are simple. They don't take responsibility for their actions, and if they break the rules and succeed, which make them get the benefits of it. They will happy to receive the benefits. That may even become a source of future bragging. But if something bad happens, they don't take responsibility for it and even dump it on the government or society. Last year, when the island of Bali erupted, China was able to do very well. China has evacuated 15,000 people in just one week, as other countries have not evacuated their nationals. But the tourists, who were not easy come back, complained about the cost of tickets. What's more, the behavior of some poor Chinese in foreign countries has depend the stereotype of foreigners on Chinese people are demoralized. But as the saying goes, you can't beat a bunch of people with a stick because of one. We have to admit that every nation has its own giant babies. And on the contrary, we have many Chinese good people. On Ethiopian airlines flight, it's Chinese people stepped up when the gangster washed up. Chinese is a group of individuals. In the eyes of many foreigners, every act and deep of yours represents China. These good Chinese people let the world praise you. 
You should remember that "what you are, what China is like".

Chinese giant baby

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