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Snow is melting in my hometown

2018/2/8 16:22:27
Snow is melting in my hometown
My hometown is a small town called Jixi in Anhui Province. In winter, the weather here is freezing cold. Such a terrible temperature always prevent me from going out in winter holidays. Yesterday is the Start of Spring in Chinese lunar calendar, which marks the coming of warm east wind.
Though it’s still cold, sunshine came and refreshed our mood today. My friend and I climbed the local hill and enjoyed the scenery. The hill is located in the east, so it is named as Dongshan which in Chinese means that the mountain of east.
A few days ago it snowed heavily in my hometown. The roofs, the roads, the shores and the trees are all in white. The view is significant, but it’s too cold to enjoy it. The snow just kept for two days and then stopped. But there was still much snow not melting because the temperature was below the melting point.
The lowest temperature is absolutely on the top of Dongshan. When we climbed to the summit, snow is melting under the sun. The snow on the top of the pavilion is melting and the water melted is dropping to the earth. We need to be so careful that we can escape the drops.
Halfway we met our middle-school teacher Miss Wang. She exercise in Dongshan every day to strengthening her body. We talked a lot and shared the recent news. She praised the natural scenery in Dongshan and encouraged us to climb the mountain more often.
The golden sunshine today bring warmth and life to my hometown. Even if there is still hard ice and snow that await higher temperature and brighter sunshine to melt, we feel that the spring is on the way and everything is full of hope and vigor to thrive.

unmelted snow on the top of Dongshan

sunshine bring warmth and life to the mountain

I was enjoying the scenery

the light of hope