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The traditional rural market in the countryside

2018/2/10 16:55:25
The traditional rural market in the countryside
In rural China, there is a traditional action that farmers can buy the things they need in the rural market. After starting my long winter vacation, I always go to visit my grandparents who live in the countryside.  Thursday is the market day in this town and the town is always busy on market day. There are all kinds of stalls and various goods. People who live in the countryside prefer to buy goods in the rural market, because the items in the rural market are much cheaper than those in the supermarkets. What's more, people can bargain with the merchants when they really want to buy the item with a low price. When they come to an agreement, people can buy the items they want with satisfaction. Sometimes, there will be some distinctive activities, such as Lion dance and dragon dance. The rural market is crowded with young and old people. However, people who live in the city are often ignorant of  rural life. They don't know the details about the traditional rural market. So I which  you can learn more from my introduction about it.

The picture shows us that people queue up to buy delicious food.

This picture is about the vendors of clothes.

This picture shows us that vendors are selling their fruit and vegetables.

it's said that you can only understand local social culture in local traditional market. maybe it's because there are many local snacks, Ha-ha. 
2018/3/8 14:43:37
FFFFF @ pink : Yeah. I like eating these snacks. They are so delicious, even if they are junk foods.??