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Recommend you a brilliant teleplay—'The legend of Zhenhuan'

2018/2/9 19:36:49
Recommend you a brilliant teleplay—'The legend of Zhenhuan'
Have you ever heard of this brilliant teleplay?It’s adapted from a novel of the same name which tells Zhenhuan’s lifetime in the imperial palace. Zhenhuan is a concubine of  Emperor Yongzheng.Of course,he has lots of concubines.Therefore,each concubine trys to think of her own ruse to get the favour of the emperor.
At the beginning,Zhenhuan is just a 17-year-old girl,pure and innocent.However,she is chosen for the emperor’s harem because of her beauty and wisdom.After entering the palace,everything changes.
She finds herself caught the fierce infighting between the empress and the concubines and realizes that the palace is full of ruthless and trap.Gradually,she has to learn to survive on her own, sometimes by unscrupulous methods.With her talents and wits,she finally becomes the most powerful conbine in the palace and ascendsto unparalleled glory and wealth.However, she hardly has intimate friends at the end.
Zhuenhuan’s lifetime condenses epitome of numerous harem women of feudal society.All these women lives a lonely,scary life.What’s worse,they can’t pursue their true love,which is lamentable in my opinion.
The audience rating of this teleplay is staying at a high level after played.And,it’s even played by some foreign TV station and gains great reputations as well.

Emperor Yongzheng has lots of concubines.

Zhenhuan is pure and innocent before entering the imperial palace.

The imperial palace is full of  ruthless and trap.

She finally becomes the most powerful concubine in the palace.

This is really a classic of costume drama.
2018/3/12 10:10:17