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'Journey to the West'——one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature

2018/2/9 19:24:57
'Journey to the West'——one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature
Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.It is written in 16th century Ming dynasty and based on a true story in 629AD to 646AD in Tang dynasty and many mythical plots are added to the story.
It’s about a Buddhist monk called Tangseng and his three apprentices who are animals.They travel west to India to find Buddhist scriptures.They experience lots of difficulties and meet lots of monsters.
Thank goodness,they succeed finally and bring Buddhist scriptures back to Chang’an,the capital of Tang dynasty to take across sentiment beings universally.
The monk is really kind and always tries to dispel the darkness and ignorance in people’s heart. He can just set there helplessly for rescue when he gets into trouble due to the lack of supernatural power.
Though his three apprentices are animals,they all have human characteristics.What’s more ,they all have supernatural power.The monkey named Sun Wukong is born from a stone and he owns the most extraordinary powers among the three.And he has amazing intelligence,therefore,he can alaways  overcome demons and monsters.The pig is called Bajie.This character generates a lot of humor in the story. He loves beauty and delicious food.Another apprentice is called ShaSeng,who takes care of the monk and colleagues.This character is quite modest and diligent.
This master was first made into television series in 1983 and has been replayed several times since then. What’s more,it wins audience rating all the time,so I highly recommend this masterwork.

Tangsheng and his three apprentices travel west to India to find Buddhist scriptures.

The character Tangsheng is based on a real monk of the Tang Dynasty.

The monkey is named Sun Wukong and has the most greatest supernatural power.

The pig is called Bajie.He loves beauty and delicious food.

The third apprentice is called ShaSeng.

Each story in the journey to the west is deeply remembered and teaches us different truths. And it shows plenty of imagination.
2019/7/26 16:56:11
Journey to the west is the most precious memory of my childhood.
2018/3/12 10:19:43
Viyaaa @ rollance : Hhhh, it has been rebroadcasted every winter and summer vacation till now.