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Come on,winter?Too cold outside?Move on to do outdoor exercises and you won't say that,man.

2017/12/28 14:44:00
Come on,winter?Too cold outside?Move on to do outdoor exercises and you won't say that,man.
Winter is coming, most of us would rather stay inside, or stay in warm bed until we have to get up, than go outdoors and do some exercises. This may be an ideal way of getting through the coldest days of a year. However, you really some way to enhance both your body shape and health in winter, and you don't have short-cut but do some exercises, such as running, or playing badminton, and the like.

Go out when it is sunny. In winter, frigid as it is, most days are sunny. If reluctant to get up early and do morning jogging, you might as well take a walk after lunch as you bask in the warm sunlight, walking along a clean and serene street or path and taking the fresh air. At the same time, you might “lose weight” for a little bit because burdens and pressure are discharged by the refreshing nature.Come on,don't be a grandma when winter comes. 

Many people are unwilling to go out simply because of the piercing wind and low temperature.But as long as you put on your sportswear and start jogging for a while,you won't feel cold at all.In my place,days under 0℃ are seldom and there are many people to do outdoor exercises every day. I would like to take my niece out after lunch for a walk, or sometimes we race with each other. Though it is a simple exercise, we still have fun and I feel relieved after doing exercises. When you are moving your body, your brain cerebral cortex would send out electrochemical signals, and the nerve cells carried by them would be sent to meet with muscle fiber, stimulating the increased blood flow of your brain. And if exercising regularly, you can really keep yourself in a good condition, such as enhanced memory, more flexible heart, a symmetrical body shape, and enhanced immunity as well.

So, it’s time for us to get our body moved, for the sake of health physically and mentally. What? It's too cold outside? Ok,tell me why Michael Phelps loves winter outdoor swimming.

The snowing winter

People are jogging

Children are playing badminton

I never stop running even it gets cold outdoors.Exercising makes me warm and sometimes i don't feel cold at all.I don't have to put on my heavy coat if I wanna go out.Oh yeah!
2017/12/13 14:16:32