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My idol is my darling elder brother

2018/2/12 19:46:59
My idol is my darling elder brother
Everyone has his or her own idols who usually are stars. However, my idol is my elder brother. There are four kids in my family and I am the second. He is three years older than me. My elder brother is extremely generous to me. According to my mother, my elder brother had a preference for me when I was a child because he couldn't stand people who bullied me. Once, I was given a bad name by my classmates. Upon knowing it, my elder brother went to protect me and scolded them. Besides, he always meet my needs to the best of his abilities. I still clearly remember that he bought a mobile phone, a sports shoes and a tenni racket for me as gifts for admission to college when I was a freshman. The other day, he gave his iPad which worths more than ¥5000 to me without hesitation with the purpose of improving my study. Much to my delight, my elder brother is excellent in his work with high efficiency and accuracy so that his colleagues think highly of him. I admire him for his attitudes towards work and life. He is fond of singing. He sings some songs in his spare time.    He dreams of being a singer online. I often listen to his songs on Wechat. I respect his persistence and courage. I hold the belief that my elder brother is one of the most outstanding people. No one can take the place of him in my mind. Undoubtedly, I remarkably love my elder brother!

my darling elder brother

the iPad my elder brother gives me

Yeah, i am cared by brother
2018/8/2 9:31:32
ur brother is a handsome and nice guy!You r so lucky really!I also wanna a brother and I really enjoyed the feeling of beiing cared.
2018/3/8 15:21:16
xiaoshuqin @ Yuyu : Yeah, i am cared by brother