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The age of struggle, do not choose ease.

2018/2/9 17:12:10
The age of struggle, do not choose ease.
In the era of information explosion, no matter what we want or not, there are people or things that let us envy and suddenly appear on the screen of a mobile phone or a computer. Who is the richest man in the world? Who's in the Forbes list? Who is the young elite on the list? We are very clear, and most of us are not clear about the hardships they have had.
We all know that Ma Yun is very rich. But we don't know that he sleeps three hours a day to find data and analyze data. He used three days to see so  much  words, forcing himself to become an expert. He took a  bus to talk to customers about the project , he sent mail when the passengers are almost asleep; in the family reunion day, he alone in a foreign land for an order to. Some people say that he makes more money than anyone else, because he has more suffering than anyone.
He said, "you don't travel, you don't take a risk, do not go to a scholarship. Chatting all day on the Internet, playing micro-blog, buying things in Taobao, playing online games, doing what I can do at 80 years old, what do you want to do with your youth? "
Do not choose comfort at the age of struggle. A man who does not want to struggle is never able to succeed.

I use my spare time to practice calligraphy. I think the beauty of writing is very important.

Do not choose comfort at the age of struggle, but learn more useful skills.

your handwriting is very beautiful!tell me how to pratice?
2018/3/8 17:08:33