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Morning tea in Guangdong

2018/2/7 7:23:59
Morning tea in Guangdong
When you come to Guangdong, if a friend told you: "Tomorrow morning, come and drink tea with me," mostly that you regard him as his good friend. Most people can not understand why Cantonese can eat a meal so vividly, solemnly, and when you are in the meantime, you can deeply feel the meaning of "home" and "life" from the dazzling dessert plates.
Six o'clock in the morning, the sky still has a touch of blue edge, the streets are quiet, however in the front door of old city of Guangdong tea house, already lined up a long queue. People either hold newspapers or read, or carry a birdcage, or talk to each other about their families. No matter how nervous they are, people are always patiently waiting, everything is for a opulent morning tea.
The word "DIMSUN" in English is derived from morning tea in Guangdong. I will introduce some traditional dim sum:
Shrimp dumplings is a must for every tea restaurant. Superior shrimp dumplings should has white skin as snow, thin as paper, translucent and through the skin you can see a little red shrimp.
Black bean flavor chicken feet is the best sales snack in the tea restaurant. Black bean juice is delicious, charming chicken feet, it taste good and you can taste a little bit sweet and spicy. Because of chicken feet have rich collagen, it can help you to keep skin moist, it also has the effect to keep your beauty, so people will choose to eat more.

A variety of Dimsum

Shrimp dumplings

Black bean flavor chicken feet

i know cantonese pay more attention to their health an they like to take many kinds of soup,really?
2018/2/12 9:56:38
AmberJ @ stcoolqi : Yeah! Cantonese always take some soup before the meal to make themseleves healthier.
stcoolqi @ AmberJ : Wow,I also wanna try some soup from there.
For my first time to Guangdong, i was shock by the abundance of breakfast. After, i knew that it was the lifestyle of Cantonese.Ha-ha.
2018/2/10 10:46:44
AmberJ @ Tracy : They can eat the morning tea for a long time~