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First love is a kind of instinct,or to be born,or never.

2018/2/9 12:03:57
First love is a kind of instinct,or to be born,or never.
"Love in the period of cholera," tells the story of a love across more than half a century of epic, end the possibility of all love: loyalty, hidden, rough, shy, Platonic, dissolute, fleeting, life and death dependent.The relentless passage of time, known as "the greatest love novel of all time", is one of the most important classics of the 20th century.
Love in the time of Cholera", the author take the remia and Valentine's love for the introduction, leads to the main line of Urbino doctor and his wife Phil Minna glamorous love. Another line should be Ariza love for Phil Minna. For Ariza, bitter almond smell always reminds him of the fate of love. In the pursuit of Phil Minna, from the young shyness did not dare to express, to vindicate rejected, obstacles, but failed to stop the pursuit of Phil Minna Ariza persistent footstep. God always has pity on the sincere man. Finally lovers. After 11 days of fifty-three years and seven months. This is the magic of love.
When it comes to this, the true love of the world is touching. Marx and yenny, Romeo and Juliet, Liang Shanbo and zhu yingtai... A man's sad love story goes back and forth. I think I've also seen another book, "the second handshake". The heroine is waiting for a lifetime for love, and has experienced many hardships in the past decades, although they are thousands of miles apart,they do not forget their favorite people. Though unable to send out, I have been writing letters. Eventually we met, but we couldn't.This is the unforgettable love that sustains her or him walks through the spring,summer, autumn and winter.People say that love is the whole of women. It is true that a woman does not want to have true love, and which rose does not want to bathe in the sun. However, in life, often the beauty of life, love is fleeting. Therefore, it is more precious to meet true love, and we should cherish it.It has to be said that love is holy and all women. To have true love is to have a happy life.

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First love is the purest and the most true love!
2018/3/12 11:10:38