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Our website is an online platform to record and share your daily life in China by writing light blogs.All these light blogs posted by writers are categorized into eight kinds,namely Dress&Beauty,Food,Home Furnishing,Travel,Mom&kid,Health,Entertainment and More.Every kind contains many interesting contents for you to read.

If you are a friend from overseas who live in China,we would like to be your trustworthy friends and help you adapt to life in China by showing you real stories of native Chinese people. If you are a foreign visitor who stays far from China,we would like to be your credible guide to satisfy your curiosity and answer your questions about China by the large supplication of light blogs concerned with the great country. From substantial contents on our website,you will acquaint the real China and acquire the information you need.

If you are crazy about writing and sharing,come on and join us! Your cute pets,cool dressing styles,amazing cooking shows,rarely known knowledge, any daily affairs from your life in China which are interesting and worth spreading within the law are all welcomed to share by producing light blogs on our website.Right here,you can improve your writing skills,communicate with many international friends and enjoy your life through sharing.So,what are you waiting for?

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